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“Clossssssse your eyesssssssss my pet,” the snake’s voice commands with the authority of a king.

“Yes Master!” Juniper replies obsequiously. Her eyes clamp shut while she awaits her next order.

“You are to ssssssstand completely sssssssstill until I give the order. Underssssssstand?”

“Yes Master!” she says, trying to control her body’s trembling.

She feels the snake’s scaly tail begin to wrap around her left ankle. She can tell he’s teasing her but she knows she must obey. She swallows nervously as the tail works its way up her leg, stoping at her thigh to give it a gentle squeeze.

“Sssssssuch a nubile form you possssessssss my pet.”

Glee fills her entire body as she enthusiastically responds, “Oh thank you Master!” She bites her lip, letting the tail coil its way around her flat tummy. She so desperately wants to open her eyes and gaze upon the form of this being, nay, this god before her but she knows she needs to obey him. It doesn’t stop her tail from twitching with raw excitement though.

“Hold sssssstilll!” The snake commands and like magic, her tail stops.

“Does he hold this power over me?“ The bunny asks herself.

“Good pet,“

“He does!” The rabbit thinks as a wave of bliss washes over her body, erasing any lingering doubts that plague her mind. “He does and I love it!”

“Ssssssuch obediencccccce isssssss what all good petssss sssssshould sssssstrive for,” the snake says, its tail burrowing between the bunny’s bountiful breasts. “You are perfec-sssssssion.”

She’s unable to voice her appreciation in words. Oh how she wants to prostrate herself at the snake’s… tail and express her love for the being but she realizes that she’s already doing that. She’s obeying him to the letter like a good pet should do! She gulps softly as the tail wraps itself around her neck.

“You have proven yoursssssself worthy,” the snake says. “Open your eyessssss and feel yourssssself ssssslip into mindlessssnesssss…”

“Yes Master!” She opens her eyes and it all fades away.

Let it be known that when I say it, “fades away,” I don’t mean she loses herself in his eyes, I mean the reality she was accustomed to vanished. She was dreaming and she woke up. Since she has never actually been hypnotized by a snake before, she can’t experience it in a dream, even with the strongest dream-potions she can make and boy did she make some.

“Not again…” Junpier whines, looking at the empty glass vials before her. Each night for the past week, she drank a vial of a special dreaming potion right before bed. This one was supposed to be the final one which would grant her the power to control her dreams but it seems that she failed. “I can’t even get tranced in my dreams.”

She rolls out of her makeshift bed and stretches her back. “Still, I can’t lose faith,” she smiles as little stars begin to shine in her eyes, “I know I’ll become a pet and I’ll become the best pet any snake could ever wish to have!”

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Juniper approaches a stream with a burlap sack strewn across her shoulder. Today is laundry day and unlike most other folks, Juniper likes cleaning her clothes. She drops the bag by the stream and bends down to reach inside. She pulls out a couple of potions, a wooden washboard, and a couple of sticks attached by a string. She sets up the clothes line before dumping a bunch of copies of her her single outfit out of bag by the bank. She sits down and gets ready for cleaning.

Before we continue, I should tell you something that you may want to know; doing her laundry is perhaps the closest Juniper has come to experiencing a true hypnotic trance. She has a system that she is accustomed to and can execute it perfectly. She starts by separating her clothes into two piles, one for the tops and one for the bottoms. She places the bottoms closer to her because she washes them first. She grabs the first vial and soaks it in the steam before applying some homemade soap from a vial onto it and scrubbing it until she thinks its clean enough. She then rinses it in the stream and hangs it up on her clothesline.

Oh, wait, I forgot to mention, she sings a cute little song while doing her laundry. Well, actually, the song is kinda strange but it’s so cute to watch her sing. I can’t actually tell what the lyrics are but I’m pretty sure it’s an ancient song in an obscure language or something. I wish I knew because it would make the story more interesting but instead, I’m stalling for time because there’s only so many times I can narrate the same thing before it gets boring. You know, I took this job because I was promised cute girls getting zonked but it seems that someone was… wait a second, something seems off about that stream. I’m no stream expert, but I don’t think that bubbles are supposed to be rising to its surface. Likewise, I don’t think that it’s supposed to be rippling. Juniper, you may want to… wait, she can’t hear me… crud.

“Oh no!” Juniper cries out, dropping her top in the stream. She gets up, ready to chase it down but it miraculously floats back to her. “Thanks?” she says to whatever retrieved it for her.

“You’re welcome,” a faint voice responds from the water.

She drops her clothing again, “Who said that!?” A spooked Juniper cries out.

“Maybe this will help,” the voice responds as a scaly tail hooks its way around her stray bottom and hands it to the frazzled bunny.

Juniper can’t help but blush, “oh, thank you!” She hugs the tail and feels as much of its texture as she can. It’s wet but it’s similar enough to a snake for her to enjoy it a bit too much.

“Don’t mention it,” The voice says while a head pokes its way out of the water. It’s pretty sleek and around the same size as the snakes that Juniper worships with gusto. Gazing upon his serpentine beauty, she almost forgets about her laundry.

“W-who are you?” Juniper asks, grabbing her bottom and sniffing it. It smells foul after the sea-serpent touched it but she holds back her retching for his sake.

“I do not yet have a name,” the serpent replies. “I am but a young man who is tasked by my serpent society to return home with an entranced slave or something much better.”

Juniper nearly faints when she hears that. “Slave? I can do that!” She drops to her knees and begs before the serpent. “Please, please, please take me as your slave!”

The serpent looks at the pleading rabbit before him. “But… but… I don’t wanna,” he whimpers.

Juniper’s face goes from pleading to furious in no time at all, “What do you MEAN you don’t wanna?”

“Eep!” The timid serpent ducks its head underwater before mumbling something and coming back up.

“I can’t hear you!” An impatient Juniper taunts with the hope that she can anger him into hypnotizing her.

The serpent extends his head to Juniper with an adorable yet pathetic look in his eyes, “Please, please, please don’t make me do it!” He pleads before he begins to cry. “I hate having slaves, it’s just so mean!” Juniper almost instinctively grabs his head and rests it on her chest while he cries. “I don’t wanna be mean,” he says between tears. “I don’t wanna be mean.”

Juniper pets the serpent’s head lovingly while sighing a little. “Well… why did you come to me exactly?”

The serpent’s forked tongue teases her sensitive chest causing her to giggle a little. “Because you smell nice.”


“Every week, you come here with your clothes and you wash them with something that smells so nice. I wanna bring that back to my people so I don’t have to be mean.”

Juniper can’t help but smile a little as an idea forms in her mind. “Maybe we can make this work after all,” she says.

The serpent lifts his head from her chest and stares her dead in the eyes. “How?”

“Umm… err…” Juniper half expects his eyes to swirl and fall but it doesn’t happen. “Umm, right, well how about you take me to your society, I can give your people my potion recipes, and I can maybe be someone else’s slave?”

“Can you breathe underwater?”

“Ummm… no.”

“Hang on a second,” the serpent retracts into the stream and returns a moment or two later, his cheeks puffed up. He blows a strange purple dust right into Juniper’s face and she predictably coughs a few times before it settles. “That will last you one day. If you want to become a permanent citizen, you need to impress the high elders of Poseidonville.”

“Seriously, that’s what your city is called?”

“Every time we try to change the name he threatens to destroy the city.” He wraps his tail around Juniper’s right wrist. “Are you ready?“

“Wait!” She grabs the remaining vials of her soap. “Ok, ready.”

“Good, now hang on tight!”

Before Juniper can react she’s pulled arm-first into the stream. She instinctively holds her breath but once she runs out of air she opens her mouth and takes a nice, deep breath. “Ok, this is cool,” Juniper says, adjusting to the water. She wants to look at the underside of the stream but she’s being pulled rather quickly. In fact, the serpent is pulling her faster and faster and even faster. “How fast are you going?” She asks but he can’t hear her. Before she knows it, he stops instantly but, through sheer force of habit, forgets to take into account the Juniper shaped bunny attached to his tail. She uncontrollably flings to the other side of him and drags him down into the city below them.

The two of them end up in a semiconscious pile on the seafloor. Juniper can vaguely make out what appears to be a mermaid of some sort approaching them before she passes out.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

“Was that another dream?” Juniper asks, regaining consciousness. She shifts her weight and finds she’s on a much nicer bed than she’s used to. She looks around and notices the room is much nicer too. Normally, she lives in a little one-room burrow but now she’s in what appears to be a castle?

“Good afternoon,” a female voice says behind her. Juniper turns around and finds herself face to face with a sexy orange fox. She’s only wearing a seashell bra, a bikini bottom, and a yellow collar but Juniper is more preoccupied with the endless colors that loop in her eyes. “My goodness!” she says, looking at the bunny before her, “your eyes are deformed!”


“Worry not,” she grabs Juniper’s shoulders and gazes deeply into her eyes, “I shall fix them for you.”

“Ahhh,” As confused as she is, Juniper doesn’t want to complain. She’d much rather gaze deeply into those pretty looping colors and let them wash over her mind, make her feel so good, make her a good girl, make her…

“Hey, bunny, I need you now!” a familiar voice calls out, snapping Juniper out of her trance.

“C’mon!” she gripes, reluctantly walking over to the unnamed serpent.

“Sorry, but I need you to be conscious when you demonstrate your potion.“

“Couldn’t I just get a little hypnotized?“

“No! We’re going to be on after the duel.”


“Yes, follow me.” The serpent leads her to a large room in what appears to be some sort of theatre. Sea-serpents, mermaids, and creatures of all kind fill the seats in the audience. Juniper takes note of the many members, some of them land creatures, with colorful eyes, collars, and that blissed out expression that she has tried and failed to dream of.

She sighs softly, “now’s not the time to be jealous.” She turns her gaze to the stage where a serpent and a mermaid whose top-half is a busty female cheetah are standing on opposite ends of the stage. Between them is a human merman referee who waves his hand and backs away. The two begin to slowly move around.

“You’ve insulted me and my family for the last time!” The serpent screams.

“Well maybe if you had some control over your slaves, I wouldn’t have to call you weak.”

“How dare you!” He darts to her and she dodges gracefully.

“Maybe you should stop,” the mermaid sings, “you know it is not worth it.”

The serpent knows a hypnotic tune when he hears one; he has to act fast. He revs up his colorful eyes and pokes his head into her line of sight.

“Such foolishness is…is…uh…” She loses her train of thought as the rings overtake her vision.

“You’re the foolish one,” the serpent purrs.

“I’m… I’m…NO!” she closes her eyes and shakes her head. “You know you love my voice, you could have stopped me, all you had to do was plug my mouth. Instead you chose to hear my pretty pretty words and you don’t care that my song doesn’t rhyme. You’d rather stop trying, just relax and listen. Enjoy my words and go to sleep. Enter a sweet dream and a live a life of joy. All you have do do is go to sleep.”

The words aren’t meant for Juniper but she slowly begins to rock back and forth before her serpent shakes her with his tail. “C’mon, just let me have this.” He shakes his head and Juniper grumbles a bit before looking back at the duel. The mermaid charms the serpent and the mermaid takes the lucky man away to do who knows what. Juniper’s serpent then grabs her and brings her to the stage.

“H-hello,” the serpent says to the audience. “I-I-I’ve brought something really good.”

“Get on with it already!” Someone from the audience yells.

The serpent slinks away leaving Juniper alone on stage. “You heard the man, dazzle ‘em!”

All eyes are on Juniper now and she swallows nervously. “Um, hello everyone.” She pulls a vial out of nowhere. “I’m here to demonstrate,” she pulls the cork off and the soap mixes with the water around her. “Of course,” she says. “How did I not see that coming?“ She turns around and looks at the serpent who is just off stage. “I’m sorry. I guess I was so hyped up about being a tranced that I forgot about the physical limitations of life underwater.”

“It’s OK,” the serpent sighs. “I kinda sprung myself on you and then abandoned you on stage,” he slinks his way back into the spotlight with Juniper. “If we’re going to fail, let’s take their laughter as partners.” Juniper nods her head and the two look at the audience.

“Hey,” a voice calls from the crowd, “this is awesome!”

Juniper can’t help but smile, “so you’re telling me you understand this young man’s maturity by his willingness to accept the responsibility for his mistakes?”

“No, I mean the whole theatre smells really nice!” The voice is met with approving murmurs from the crowd. “Did you make that?”

“Umm… well, she made it…”

Juniper is quickly mobbed by the crowd who all try to grab her. “Hey!“ she cries out but nobody can hear her. She tries to make sense of the chaos around her but the mass of nautical bodies is so strange, so foreign, so exotic, so pretty, so nice to look at, so easy to just fall into it and let it…

“Stop!” an authoritative voice commands. The mob instantly settles down.

“Oh c’mon,” Juniper grumbles.

“Who is the one who made the theatre smell of lavender and happiness?” The unknown voice asks. The crowd instantly opens up around the scared bunny who sees the source of this voice. She reminds Juniper of Sylvia in a sense, down to the black fox upper body but instead of the snake-like lower half, she has the tail of a sea-serpent. Now that I think about it, they look pretty much the same. She’s got the seashell bra look going but that’s just standard mermaid attire I think.

“I…I did?”

In a blink of an eye, the fox-serpent slithers its way to her and looks her dead in the eye. “You madam, are a true alpha. The scent you bring us is type of thing that we love down here. As the mayor of this town, I think you’ll fit right in.”


She doesn’t get a response from the fox-serpent who turns to the unnamed serpent who brought Juniper down. “For bringing us this aroma, that shall be your new name.”

“Aroma?” the serpent asks.

“Yes…” She turns back to Juniper. “Aroma Mistress, you shall take him as your slave!”

“Wait, what?” A confused Juniper asks.

“Yes, your new name shall be ‘Aroma Mistress’ and that serpent shall be your slave.”

“But… I don’t get it.”

“Oh it’s simple; slaves take on the names of their owners until their owner gets sick of confusing them all and just renames them.”

“No… I thought I was gonna be a slave.”

The mayor begins laughing and the rest of the town joins in. “You, slave? Why would you wish to degrade yourself? You’re far too good for that. You deserve to have all the slaves you want!”

“Will they hypnotize me?”

“Hypnotize my mistress!?” Aroma asks, offended by the idea. “I shall never hypnotize my mistress!” He swims over and rubs his head against Juniper’s feet. “Please forgive me for having such impure thoughts Mistress!“

“Ummm… I… I… I don’t wanna be a Mistress, I wanna belong to a snake!”

“Belong to a snake?” The mayor asks, laughing again. “You have a lot to learn about the way things work down here.”

“I…” Juniper says, sniffling. “I don’t wanna do this…” She starts to cry when Aroma’s tail wraps around her wrist. Much like before, she’s dragged away faster than she can speak. “What are you doing?” She yells shorty before Aroma stops on a dime and flings Juniper out of the water back at her laundry site. It’s night time, her clothes are still hung up and they’re nice and dry. “What the?” She turns around and sees Aroma looking solemnly at her. “Why did you take me back?”

“Because Mistress said she didn’t want to be a Mistress… and it’s my job to make Mistress happy.”

Juniper can’t help but smile. She walks up to Aroma and kisses his head. “You’re a good boy you know.”

“Thank you Mistress,” Aroma replies.

“So… what will you do now?”

“I don’t know,” Aroma looks at the stream. “I can’t go back there though.”

“Well that’s great! They don’t deserve a good boy like you anyway!”

Aroma blushes, “Aww, Mistress.”

“I’m serious.” She takes a deep breath. “I’ll give you only one direct command Aroma and you better obey.”

Aroma snaps to attention sticking his neck straight up and mimicking a salute with his tail. “Yes Mistress!”

“I want you to go and live your life away from that horrible place and be the happiest Aroma you can be.”

“Yes Mistress! Is that all?”

“Umm… yeah.”

“Thank you Mistress,“ Aroma dips his body underwater. “I’ll miss Mistress.”

Juniper can’t stop a few tears from escaping her eyes. “I’ll miss you too.” She takes a seat and looks at the rippling of the water and sighs as it dies down. “I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.” She turns around and sees her clothes. “Drat… I could’ve asked him to pack up my laundry!“
Juniper's Laundry Day
So I've decided to practice some writing and considering I love cute furry girls getting hypnotized I figured writing a story featuring :iconiamaneagle:'s adorable bunny gal Juniper trying to fulfill her dream of being a snake's little toy.  I'm still kinda new to writing here so I gave this a bit of maturity mostly because of Juniper's fantasy. Let me know what ya think I guess.

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Chapter 3: The Headache.

The packup still haunts Mordecai’s mind. He now has a better grasp of hypnosis but it’s still a lot to take in. He gets that he can’t force someone to do something that goes against their morals and it seems that siblings fighting is something that not even hypnosis can cure. Since then, he’s read through more of the book. The stuff in it is easy to remember but hard to understand.

At this point, he’s in his dorm. Like all freshmen, he had to show up a week early for orientation and such. Those things where they talk about college policy, ask you not to drink too much, ask you to not sexually assault each other, show you around, and have awkward icebreakers in a bad attempt to make friends.

He likes his roommate; a short corgi named Lou.  He’s a little over 5 feet with orange and white fur and bright orange eyes to match. He’s always so happy. He’s also a nice guy, very friendly, and a secret pervert although Mordecai doesn’t know that that part.

Mordecai is currently lying in bed, pondering his life. He doesn’t have to be anywhere until dinnertime and there wasn’t much going on around campus. He’s deep in thought until he’s interrupted by his roommate.

“Hey Mordy, Mordy?” Steve asks.

“What?” Mordecai responds without moving his head.

“Why do you hate being called ‘Mordy?’”

“I don’t know, I just hate the way it sounds.”

“But it sounds so nice!”

“It sounds like “mortician”.”

“But shortening names is fun! My name is an abbreviation.”

“I know that, I saw your name on the roommate form.”

“You sound bummed.”

“Ehh, I’m going through a lot.”

“Oh,” Lou walks over to Mordecai and sits on the bed next to him. “You wanna talk about it?”

“Ehh, it’s personal and…” DING DING DING DING! His phone rings. “What? Who is this?” He mumbles as he grabs his phone and looks at the caller ID. It’s his grandfather. “Hello? Granddad?” He speaks.

“Mordy! Hi, it’s granddad!”

“Yes… I… know…” Mordecai says as he grits his teeth with anger.

“So tell me, are you alone?”

“Well, my roommate’s here.”

“Give him the phone.”

“What? Uh, OK.” He hands the phone to Lou. “My granddad wants to talk with you for some reason.”

“Really? That’s neat-o!” Lou replies as he swipes the phone. “Howdy Mordecai’s Grandpa!” He says. He continues to talk into the phone; “What? Yes, yes… yesssssss,” He continues saying ‘yes’ every few seconds. Each one is slightly quieter and more drawn out than the last one.  Mordecai looks at his face and can see it relaxing more and more with each one until his eyes glaze over completely. “Phone for you,” he says as he drops the phone on the bed. He giggles as he stumbles over to his bed and passes out.

Mordecai, surprised by what he just witnessed, picks up the phone and says, “What the heck was that?”

“That my grandson, is the power of hypnosis. I’ve sent you a book in the mail, a fun book, not like that boring book your dad gave ya, that teaches you how to really have fun with your ability, if you know what I mean.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about. Let me tell you sonny, when I was in college, I had the pick of every broad there was! And there were some sweet broads. It was easier too. Nowadays, you can’t grope a dame without being nailed for sexual assault or something. There were also no STDs so you didn’t have to worry about that.”

“Uhhh…” Mordecai didn’t know how to respond to that. “So I’m just supposed to treat women like my slaves?”

“Moody, Mordy, Mordy, you’re looking at it all wrong; they’re not your slaves, they enjoy it. And modern technology certainly helps.”


“Oh, where do I start? Well, I should tell you that as you grow older, your powers will develop and you’ll get stronger and stronger. Remember your roommate? How I got him over the phone? When you grow up, you’ll be able to do that. In fact, I don’t even need to use words when I hypnotize someone as long as I can see them anyway. Still though, your body tires and tires but get this! At some point, your powers will work in recordings! All you gotta do is record yourself hypnotizing a camera and it’ll trance anyone who watches it later on! I got these sexy maids who clean my house and I make them wear headphones that re-enforce their obedience with pleasure. Once they’re obedient enough, their reward is that they can cum their panties. At this time, They change into fresh ones and I sell the dirty ones online for a profit. Neat what technology can do, eh sonny?”

“What did I just listen to?” Mordecai responds absentmindedly.

“Now now, I know what you’re thinking, you probably think it’s wrong but it’s good for every party involved.”

“I knew you were old fashioned but I never knew you’d go full John Calhoun on me.”

“Hey, there’s the intellect that got you into whatever university you were in. I have to get going, but I should let you know, you were born at 3:45 AM. that means your headache will start at 3:45 AM on your birthday and continue for 24 hours.”

“Wonderful,” he replies monotonously as his Granddad hangs up. “This is all so wonderful.” He lies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

About a week or so later, it’s his birthday and what better way to wake up than to a side splitting headache at 3:47 AM. Mordecai looks at his clock. He was wrong about the time. But he didn’t want to call his grandfather, not now. He just wants to try and ignore his headache and go to sleep. BEEP BEEP BEEP.

“WHAT?” Mordecai yells as he answers the phone.

“Happy birthday kiddo!” Granddad announces from the other line.

“Hey, guess what, you were off by two minutes.”

“Was I?”

“You said… ow…. 3:45 AM. It’s… ow 3:47… ow.”

“I said 3:47.” Grandad replies hypnotically.

“So what if you did?” Mordecai responds, his mind accepting the suggestion. “Why did you call me so early?”

“To tell you that your powers are now officially active. I’d suggest trying them out on your roommate, your loud phone call’s probably gonna wake him up. He’ll be real tired, an easy target.”

“Wait, what?”  But Grandad hung up. “Gosh darnit,” Mordecai groans.

“Mordecai? Are you OK?” Lou’s sleepy voice asks.

I don’t want to deal with this now; please just go to bed!  The tricky part about talking with a headache is getting all your thoughts out properly. “Please, bed.”

Lou gets up and walks down to Mordecai in his pajamas. “Wait, are you sleepwalking or something?”

“My head, ow,”

“Oh my goodness, you have a migraine don’t you? I’ve had one of those before. Sorry you have it. You know, there was this time once…”

Mordecai doesn’t care what Lou has to say, he just wants him to stop talking. “Please… stop…”

“What? Yeah, prayer might help a little actually. Are you religious? What religion do you have? Mordecai’s a Jewish name, right? I once knew a girl named Esther who was Jewish. Wonderful girl, had a huge crush on her in high school…”

OK, this has to be a set up. I want him to stop and now I have to hypnotize him to get him to stop. But can I do that? Can I make myself do that? He wonders.

“So then, there was the thing with the basketball on my head, and my god was it hysterical…” Lou continues to drone, unaware that Mordecai isn’t paying any attention.

He’s not sleeping anytime soon. OK think, what did the book say? Umm, right, make it simple, make it something that makes sense, he can catch on to anything too obvious. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and focuses. He’s not sure what to focus on until he feels it, a tingle, a jolt, something. It’s fuzzy and weak, but it’s there. Could this be his willpower?

He focuses more on this feeling until he realizes that he can make some parts of his body tingle more than others. Currently, it’s trapped between his shoulder blades.  OK, now I need to gently move it down to… But his thought is interrupted as it jolts to his toe. No, no, no! He tries nudging it around, only for it to shoot up his leg. “Eeeeek!” He yips as his fur frazzles out and his body goes straight. Even his tail shoots up. Talk about being caught off guard.

“Are you OK?” Lou asks.

“No, my head, and now I feel weird and I don’t know what to do.” He tries to focus his will into his finger like the book recommended but it’s currently at his hips. Wait, that could work.

“Well, one thing I always do when this happens is…”

“Err, Lou, is my tail OK? I think it got a bit frazzled or something.” He wiggles his tail slightly.

“Let me take a look at it,” He bends over and looks around at his tail. “Looks OK to me.”

Mordecai closes his eyes as he pushes that feeling to his tail, expecting the tingling to go away, but it doesn’t. It fades a bit, but it’s still there. Darn, that failed. He opens his eyes to see Lou staring at his fluffy tail. His mouth is open his tongue hangs out, and his eyes are blank. Holy Crap, that worked! “Hey Lou, can you hear me?”

“Yeah,” he replies dreamily.

Ok, this is kinda cool. He’s so amazed, that he doesn’t even notice his headache. “Now it’s really early. Doesn’t it make sense to go to sleep?”

“Uhhh…” He gazes at Mordecai’s tail. As it moves up and down, his head moves with it.

“Yes, it is a good idea.” Mordecai says.  


“You’re so sleepy, you need to go to sleep,” Mordecai whispers softly.

Lou yawns. “I’m sleepy.”  He gets on the bed next to Mordecai and snuggles his tail. “Night night.” And like that, he’s out.

Ok, this is kinda cool. He looks at Lou. And maybe a little gay, he looks a little more, but he’s so adorable! He pets Lou’s head. Lou lets out a happy growl as his tail shakes a little. Aww, he’s dreaming! I wonder if I can influence his dreams at all. A devilish grin crept across Mordecai’s face. He had a delightful idea, but that was going to have to wait for now. This is going to be fuuuun! He thinks as he falls back asleep.
Mordecai's Life Chapter 3: The Headache
Mordecai finds out that his new powers come with some painful side effects. How will he deal with them?

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Mordecai opens the first page to find a note taped on the inside cover.

Dear Mordecai,
Now it’s time for you to learn the truth about yourself, your family, and your abilities. This book is only for the eyes of the men in the family. Likewise, it has a strong charm on it that will prevent anyone who is unqualified from reading it. They’ll feel as if it’s a waste of time to read, but they’ll notice the return address underneath this note and return it to you. You may want to update the return address. Use something erasable. I know you have a lot of questions and they should all have answers in this book. Remember, knowledge is power.

Mordecai can’t believe what he’s reading. He eagerly opens up to the table of contents. Looking at it, he decides to go to the beginners’ section. As he reads, he’s interrupted by a loud, “Yes! Yes! Harder!” coming from the master bedroom. Suddenly, a memory comes flooding back to him. It’s so vivid, but it just wasn’t there until now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Mom, Dad, are you in there?” A 5 year old Mordecai asks. It’s 11:00 PM, well past his bedtime. He hears moaning coming from his parents’ room. “Hello?” He asks as he knocks on the door. The moaning continues and he gets no response. “Mommy?” he asks as he slowly opens the door. He is surprised by what he sees; his mom on her hands and knees while her dad kneels behind her? (as he looks back at the memory, he now realizes what’s really happening) And there’s this other lady, a bunny with big boobies with no clothes on, and mommy is sucking them? “Mommy? Daddy? Bunny?” He asks as his dad rushes over to him.

“Shhhh,” He says as he begins to rub his son’s hair.

“Who is she?“ Mordecai asks. Something about his hands feel so nice.

“That doesn’t matter.”

“It… doesn’t matter?” It doesn’t matter, he repeats in his mind.

“You’re going to be a good son and go to bed and forget all about this.”

“Good son,” I wanna be a good son!

“And you’ll also be a good son and not hear any of these sounds ever coming from this room.”

“I wanna be a good son,” Mordecai replies as a goofy grin spreads across his face. He feels calm and happy. “Bye mommy, bye daddy, bye big boobie bunny,” he says as he returns to his bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wait a second… He thinks about that moment again. Good son, good son, good son? For most of his childhood, he always wanted to be a “good son,” whatever that meant. He didn’t know what it meant, but he knew that it was something he was supposed to aspire to. Now that he thinks about it, he recalls his sisters wanting to be “good daughters,” and can, at least once, recall his mom wanting to be a, “good girl?” or maybe it was “good wife?” Is it both? He looks at the table of contents again and sees that there’s a chapter titled, Trigger Phrases That Re-Enforce A Suggestion.  He has to admit, his dad is pretty clever. I wonder if it’ll work when I use them… wait, not now, back to the book. He tries to ignore the sex noises as he reads it.

He stops after a few chapters to ponder his life. Is this how my dad got here? He asks. Is my dad nothing more than a manipulative prick who uses hypno-powers to swindle people? Am I no better than he? He tries think of more memories that his dad blocked out. He can’t think of any off the top of his head, but he suddenly knows why the household seemed to have so many different nubile female babysitters… and housecleaners… and tutors… and pretty much anyone who came to the house. How could it have gotten like this? He returns to the book in search of more answers.

The book itself isn’t too difficult to understand. He learns quite a few things from it. For one, he learns that, even though his powers don’t come in for a few weeks, he could still tell when someone’s been hypnotized. Only the men in his family could do that. He learns all sorts of ways he could hypnotize people. Technically, anything could work, but the wording was a bit… confusing.  

Focus my will? Focus my will? What the heck does that mean? He looks over the passage again.

In order for a hypnotist to hypnotize a subject, he must focus his will into said subject. For beginners it is recommended that they use a fixed point to focus their will through such as a pointed finger. While the eyes may seem like a good point, it is not recommended for beginners as focusing your will through two spots at the same time requires practice. It is recommended for advanced hypnotists as it is an incredibly powerful method.

Mordecai looks over the passage again and again and again. It seems to make less sense each time he reads it. There are passages about the use of pendulums, spirals, music, atmosphere, and just about every form of induction around but they all talk about “focusing your will,” and Mordecai is plain confused.  

You know what, I’m just going to open the book to a random page and see what it says. He opens the book and reads aloud. “Upon the hypnotist’s 18th birthday, he will receive a powerful and inexplicable headache that will last the duration of the day. While it has no negative effects on his health, he should bla bla DAMN IT!” He drops the book and walks away.  

He returns to his room and lies on his bed.  I was so excited about having this gift but is it really worth it? Is it going to turn me into a monster? He looks around the room and sees all the stuff he needs to pack. While I’m here, I may as well try this… He heads down to Mary’s room where she’s still reading the same magazine she was earlier.

“Mary?” He asks to get no response. He sits down on her bed. “Hello?” Still no response. “Mary, be a good daughter and converse with me.” Did I really just say that?

She puts the magazine down and looks at him. Normally, she’d be glaring at him with her sharp, black eyes, but Mordecai finds them so empty now. “What is it Morty?”

“Don’t call me that, you know I don’t like it when you call me that.”

“Make me,” even in trance, she still would spite him.

“Good daughters listen to their brothers.”

“Yes,” she sighs happily, “they do.”

“Do you want to be a good daughter?”

“Ever so much,”

“Then don’t call me ‘Morty.””

“Yes Mordecai.”

OK, that worked.  “Now, about that magazine, do you normally like girls in that way?”

“Ehh, not really. I mean I find some girls to be cute, but I don’t like them sexually. Dad just asked me to read this for a while.”

“I see. And has Dad ever made you do other weird things?”

“Not that I remember. Although he did make one of my boyfriends never want to talk to me ever again. That guy could’ve beaten the snot out of dad but Dad scared him off somehow.”

“I see. Now would you be a good daughter and help me pack my things?”

“Why certainly.” She gets up and heads over to his room.

OK, this may actually be kinda helpful. Still strange though. Before long, he has all his sisters helping him pack up. I cannot believe I’m doing this. He stops and thinks for a few moments. “Hey, hey everyone?” All the girls look at him. “How about after this is done, we all be good daughters and not fight? Especially with me? Good daughters get along with each other.”

“We already know that,” they reply, almost in unison.

OK, I need to check that book again.
Mordecai's Life Chapter 2: Family Secrets
Chapter 2 is up. Things are getting weirder and weirder for Mordecai. What's going on?


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